Left wrist still pain!!

My elbow’s feeling much better now.. i can straighten it.. tho still can’t bend it a lil bit further back like i used to. it’s still a tad bit sore.. now i know how annoying it is to have hypermobility… you’re so used to bending your joints around, once it’s hurt, you get SOoooo annoyed! >.<*

Happy BurdDay!my left wrist still not very useable.. i can’t carry simple things like bamboo or 1.5l bottle.. i can’t use the keyboard or use shortcuts without straining it.. sux.. i hope the fall won’t bring back my CTS.. pls pls.. i don’t want CTS again.. it hurts and it suck.. i hope this pain will go away soon.. Did the BurdDay card today, cos i really wanted to dedicate the drawing to my friends.. tomorrow till sunday, i will rest my left hand.. no digital drawing~ will just do traditional drawing with my right hand at most.. ^_^”

Recently been drawing a few sketches of something similar with this bday card i made.. They’re supposed to be simple, cute and funny. Hope i’d be able to improve them better.. then i’ll digitise them next week.. My other drawing is still on hold.. not in the mood to do a sad drawing yet.. ^^” oh well.. hope this pain will go away soon. then i need to paint this bloody house.. Thank you, Serena, for all the painting tips!! now, HEAL wrist, HEAL!!!


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