Make God laugh – plan for the future

I think he had a great laugh at my fall today~ grrr… yesh.. i fell down outside the bathroom.. and broke the fall with my left arm!!! grargh!!! by the time i sat back down in the living room, i’m seeing stars for god knows wat reason.. i was so giddy, i just paste 2 medicated plasters and lie down… damn.. hand injury can make a person giddy meh?

damn.. how am i supposed to carry the paints now.. means i can only carry 1 tin tomorrow.. i didn’t get to set up any cupboard too.. i guess the cupboard will do later. tomorrow will buy the paint and brushes.. then wipe my room walls etc up.. then will paint tomorrow if there’s time.. waaa… stupid left hand.. pain… lucky not my right hand!! -_-“


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