i’m surrounded by morons.. >.<“

i hate the last few days.. i’ve been so unproductive.. though i had a few ideas in my mind, there’s zero new drawings made.. only uploaded a few photos to my RB gallery, which i find pretty nice, but nobody thinks so.. lol~

Anyway, the week hasn’t been great.. i spend so much time family bonding, i couldn’t produce a single drawing!! I am so dead.. and to make things worst.. i now have to put drawing to a halt. yesh, a halt!! FTW…

I have carry out a progressive home renovation.. God bless me.. i’ve never done this before.. OO”

First stop, i gotta transfer stuffs from the main bookcase into the 3 small cabinets, of which i’ve only set 1 up. i will do the transfer and set up tomorrow, when bro’s sleeping.. So bro can do his share of transfer on mon.

Then monday, i gotta go buy paints.. I have NO idea how many tins to buy.. so i guess i’d just buy 2 blue tins for my room for a start.. i mean, pls lor.. i only got 2 hands to carry.. how to buy more tins sia.. i already have the place to pour the paint onto.. the plastic to protect the floor.. I got the gloves.. i will need the following:

  1. White and Baby Blue paint
  2. Big Roller
  3. Smaller Roller
  4. Brush
  5. Paint Thinner

I think i’ll head over to vivo city to buy the stuffs above on tuesday.. or is there a nearer shop? i hope i can finish painting my room, the living room and the kitchen by the end of the month. of course i wish i can finish it earlier.. but i gotta do it ALONE damnit, and i have to do it ONLY when he’s not home.. grargh!!!

stupid woman at home say it’s easier to hire people.. YES! of COurSE it’s easier!! don’t tell me the obvious!! i now gonna suffer renovating this house SLOWLY because your precious one can’t take big changes or clean up his own mess!!! pssh.. God knows how much i wish to have my own room or office.. i am so SICK of having to hear her nag about being ashame of her house.. i am SICK of seeing how he won’t throw away broken and old junks or make a effort to house them into proper cupboards.. i hope these two people will just SHUT their god-damn mouth up and i’ll fix this bloody house up myself!! grrr…

Then the next time those shallow nosy shameless ill-bred relatives come over, i will OFFICiaLLY end the stupid worthless ties. WTF does she have to fear them or hide from them when we’ve done nothing wrong. damn these old people and their stupid mindsets!! Damn them for their thin skin!! If subtlety isn’t enough to carry the message, my bro and i will take the stage and go direct on these stupid old folks. “it’s over! leave us alone! or i’ll call the police!!” To hell with respect or courtesy.


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