That’s suprising.. Oo”

Went to library finally to browse through some book over at the reference section.. it’s nice to see more seats this time round.. guess it’s because CNY’s coming? Hehe.. Anyway, came across one great book: Pictoplasma – The Character Encyclopedia. Love it!! It features so many great drawings, it’s inspiring.. feel like buying one..

Check out their website!!

Borrowed 4 books and lug them home.. By the time i’m done with dinner, i’m so tired, i just wanna slack and surf abit before heading to sleep.. then i saw this:


It’s extremely unexpected really.. i wonder how did it get picked.. it’s like so plain and simple.. a quickie some more.. tot Yuriko looks cuter.. am not complaining.. am happy actually.. just find it weird it Mewr got picked over Yuriko. Oo”

Anyway, am hoping to do some more sketching tomorrow.. and if possible, continue on my halfway drawing.. am like stucked with the other curtain.. the dark colors used forces me to increase my monitor’s brightness and contrast.. I HATE BRIGHT MONITORS!!! >.<* Oh well.. hope tomorrow will be a productive day~ dang, i love that cat beside my Mewr.. freaking cute!! (=^_^=)

grrr…i’ve been getting hiccups easily since sunday, it’s annoying!! >.<* hic~


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