great sunday.. ^_^

Yosh!! Had a great day yesterday, meeting up with fi. Went over to clarke quay, hoping to find the ol’ clarke quay market… walked around but couldn’t find the damn market.. so we went on to have a heavy brunch at Manhattan Fish Market, over at Central. SHIOK ahr!! Haven’t had such heavy meal with a friend in awhile.. aha~ Halfway through brunch, it started to rain heavily.. So we decide to head over to Vivo City instead.. Last thing i want is to look for some market in the rain… OO”

The PaTH Art Market was quite a disappointment yesterday.. i thought of bringing fi to one of my favorite stall.. Too bad the guy’s not there.. i love his drawings and style, especially the “Seven Deadly Signs of Depression”. Seems like there’s lesser stalls there yesterday too.. Sigh..

So we spent a few hours sitting at the outdoor shades under the rain.. tho the view sucks due to the construction of the IR, it’s nice and peaceful.. thanks to the rain, there’s not too many people (especially brats) seating at the benches.. had a great time catching up, which we later continue over at Coffee Bean~ XD I LOVE WHITE CHOCOLATE DREAM!!!!

Anyway.. we went on to shop around the many stores over at Vivo city.. as usual, not all shops are covered. lol~ We spent most of the time over at Page One.. the prices there seems pretty ex.. but i found one very cute notepad and bought it.. bcos i love the london bus drawing on the cover.. and it’s about $1.60 so i guess, ok ahr.. ^^” hehe… I got so much inspiration and encouragements when i browsed through the many drawing books there.. It feels great! I think they should make a better shelves tho.. i scratched my wrist at the sharp edge of the shelf.. fi dropped a book once.. and 1 clumsy woman dropped 2 books, one of which fell on fi. damn.. lucky it didnt hit fi’s head or something.. OO”

Overall, i saw so many cute and interesting stuffs yesterday over at vivo and central!! but i didn’t buy them.. unlike in office, i can’t deco my work area at home.. stupid house gets dusty on a daily basis, no thanks to the main road in front.. -_-” oh well~ at least i got 1 cute calendar for free when i bought a webcam-pencil holder toy for fi~ Got her the one she find most like her, an angel with a little darkness.. ^_^ i like the black one with the horns like a devil.. aha~ |,,|.


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