this photo is NOT mine~

Boring!! Dunno why, but i feel totally lazy and bored today.. Didn’t feel like drawing, didnt feel like playing games, didn’t feel like doing anything… so i ended up lazing around watching tv, munching food… Maybe stupid rainy weather made me feel lazy? Hehe..

So i mainly spend most of the day watching tv.. and a lil surfing around flickr.. then i found this beautiful shot.. dang, i forgot to keep track of the photographer.. so sorry.. but yea.. i was so awed when i saw this beautiful shot.. i wish i can see them for real one day.. it makes me miss travelling~ wonder when i’d make new travelling frens.. lol~

Hmm.. since no mood to draw.. no mood to network.. no mood to do anything.. i decide liau.. i’d do research!! yesh~ havn’t been doing research in awhile.. i’d just go surf around for references.. tml going to clarke quay market with fi~ hopefully it’d be a fruitful and inspiring trip~ ^_^


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