Yuriko-chan!! *yawn*… -_-“

Frozenfa's Yuriko ButtonsYosh!! Did a quick piece, Yuriko-chan last night. I’ve been working on one vector, but it’s taking quite some time.. So i just decide to vector this character i came up with back in the poly days.. Drew it during aaup’s dead boring lecture, if i remember correctly.. hmmm~

Anyway, i’m naming it Yuriko. (yuri = lily) Why Yuriko? Cos she has the whitest fluffy fur and also because she always has a lil flower hidden inside her magic pocket. ^_^ After posting the work up at zazzle & RedBubble, i went to bed.. and end up thinking of 1 whole storyline involving Yuriko… T_T i think i only dozed off for about an hour, dreaming about going to london.. ^_^” By 8.30am, i gave up – bathed and head over to Chinatown for breakfast. lol~ I think i couldn’t sleep because i was darn hungry but lazy to eat.. ahahahah…

Hmm.. Haven’t made any sales so far.. oh well.. it’s like only the first month, and i only have like 2 new cutesy artworks and the rest are my older stuffs.. Hmmm… Fafa JiaYou!! Fafa JiaYou!! ok ok.. no need to put too much pressure on myself.. it’s like still my first month into digital illustration after 2yrs of hibernation.. i didn’t even plan to start “selling” till after march.. hehe.. ^^”

Frozenfa - Waiting (WIP)I just got addicted to RedBubble when Ganz first intro me to it.. Met so many wonderful artists and photographer there.. i’m really thankful for it. I then got hooked onto Zazzle when i saw Shannon’s shop.. ^_^” Hehe..

I’m close to finish outlining my latest vector.. BANZAI!!!!! >.<“


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