More interesting shops!

Hi there~ Just realised my previous entry was quite a few days back~ Today wanna share with you all yet another couple of shops with very cute and interesting accesories products!!

First stop.. Introducing HahpiStuff by Shannon!! I got to know her when i just joined RedBubble.. She’s got a very cute gothic style.. You can find her shop here at zazzle. It’s amazing…

There’s like so many line of products, you’d be spoiled for choice. Now, we all know that Valentine’s Day is coming. So what are you waiting for! Instead of getting the usual stuffs from the usual local shops, why not get something more unique, that you can’t find in local shops?

If you’re not celebrating Valentine’s or don’t have one (like me.. lol~) Check out her other items such as calendars, ties, (frigging cute) aprons, and t-shirts~ There’s even apparels for baby! Oo” Why are there no such things during our baby times… oh well~ so yah! Go check-out her shops k~

I just opened a shop over a zazzle too, but it’s not really complete.. Just opened to test water.. hehehe.. You can find my shop here. Am thinking i may need to open like 2 different shops, one dark, one light.. I find it weird to see my darker drawings placed beside the cuter ones.. Hmm..

mikoto @ RedBubbleOh, and while you’re at it, check out this site too, by Scott Mellis. I also got to know this fantastic artist through RedBubble. His design is so awefully cute, i thought he was a girl, initially. hehe.. hope he’s not offended.. So if you like super cute anime style tshirts, buttons or prints, hurry over over to his shop already! And you know what… he had a stall at the Paddington Market!! Gaaah!!! I missed it since they only opened it late last year.. i was there in june.. T_T So if you’re reading this, and you’re over at Sydney, do drop by his shop, k! πŸ˜‰


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