Too distracted..

ok.. think i’ve been distracted enough by the thoughts of having my own website or namecard or networking or whatnot.. gotta go back and concentrate on digital drawing. Am not supposed to be concentrating on all those, yet. i’d do them after March, as planned.. draw fa, draw!!

*at least i’ve weaned off neopets and facebook.. hehe… ^_^”

Wanna share this interesting part of Buddy Sears’s journal i chanced upon at RedBubble. I think his paintings are perfect for home/office use. You should check-out the photo/3d renditions.

Buddy Sears - Abstract Sunrise One Interior Idea“Art cannot be fully understood outside of its creation. Meaning, art can be enjoyed by looking at it, but not completely understood. Only the artist, while creating art can understand it. The second the artist stops creating it, the artist ceases to understand it as well. It is a fire of creative awareness.

Of this I am certain.

The remainder of life pretty much remains a mystery to me.”

– Buddy Sears

i can’t say it better. which is probably why i couldn’t bring myself to try critic or praise artworks with whatever technical terms mumbo jumbo.. the most i can say is i love the piece, for reasons i couldn’t explain. I just like it. The most i can say is, i like the colors.. or i like the style.. or i like the mood..

i find art critics explaining the story of an artwork or whatever kinda.. annoying? it’s like.. u’re not the artist. you can interpret what you want, and people’d believe your stories, when the artist probably made no comment about his paintings at all? Oo” So i’d rather listen/read the words from the original artist than listening to art critics who’re probably pretending that they fully understand the piece or art..


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