Fa @ RedBubble!!

Hi hi!! Guess what, i’ve decided to upload my drawings at redbubble!! 😀 Do Take a look and pop a comment or two or better still, buy a print or two~ hehehe… Ganz intro me that webbie yesterday and i was like interestingggggg~ *evil smile* And so i thought i’d just upload one of my previous work up there to see how’s the response like. I don’t expect any sale, but if there’s one, it’ll sure be encouraging ne?

I don’t see a problem with uploading my older illustrations. Just because it’s “old” doesn’t mean i can’t upload it or have to be ashame of it. I don’t intend to apologise to anyone who might be “disappointed” to see old illustrations instead of some new stuffs. I don’t have any new fancy digital drawings that you people normally expect out of me, so too bad~ deal with it~ 😛


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