– too many interesting items!! XD

SusyJack Mini Wall Calendar for 2008i saw this item at etsy and i must say, it’d be great to have one! It’s still just the middle of January, so i don’t think it’s too late to get this, the SusyJack Mini Wall Calendar!! I think it’s lovely, simple and light~ It’d look just nice in my bedroom wall!!! Gaaah~ i want one… i love the color and simplicity.. $18 sounds pretty cheap.. nngh… feel like buying… >.<” it’s going out of stock soon.. gaaah!!

3poppies - Shhh... No. 3Hmmm.. etsy seems like an interesting online shopping place. Came upon quite a few interesting shops there such as 3poppies with their very adorable Schlaf and Teti longleg… I think they’d make a great table deco, if your boss allows it. They’re so cute. Heck, i’d hug Schlaf to sleep if i have one.. XD The Shhh… Series of hand-coloured screen print will go GREAT as a wall mural. i wish i have my own home studio now.. 😦

Then there’s the amigurumi shop by anapaulaoli. I think her works are awesome. i don’t think i’d be able to sew that thing.. OO” I think the Happy Egg is just so irresistibly cute!!

Sea Life Glass NecklaceAnd last but not least, the lovely nature inspired wearable art by photoglassworks. i love her pendants!! They remind me of my favourite pendant that i lost last time. Wonder how she made these pendants.. Guys, i believe the ladies will love having such unique piece of accessories. Should buy one for myself and maybe 1 or 2 more for my friends? think they’d like them.. Lucky i’m not a spendthrift or i think my savings will go kaput buying all these interesting stuffz!! but i really like ’em… T_T


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