My Shana Logic Wishlist… ^_^

Stickmind - Get Me A Gas Mask
No going out on Sundays till someone gets me a gas mask.

Konnichiwa!! It’s sunday and am stuck at home as usual~ So i thought i’d do a lil wishlist? Eheh~ No harm wishing ne~

Came upon this lovely website while i was surfing icanhascheezburger a few days ago. Now i kinda wish i’d be willing to spend a lil more and get some of their stuffs. It’s really cute~ But, shipment fees always made the item price too high to my liking..

Little Ninja Necklace - by komodat

One of the item i really fancy is the Little Ninja Necklace!! Now, i dunnno if i’m a lil too old for this, but damn, it’s cute and simple. i might just be willing to wear it each time i wear a black/white top. Ever since i lose my favourite poisson rouge necklace, i’ve been looking for a new one.. Non caught my eyes until i saw this~ Nyaa.. i miss my ol necklace.. Why they all make 1 only.. 😦

Quartz & Silver Bird Earrings - Nancy Yeaw

Oh look! Isn’t that earrings cute?? Yea, i know i rarely wear earrings too but that doesn’t mean i don’t like them. I DO “dress-up” over at my third workplace, mind you. lolz~ Anyway, that aside, guys, if you’re looking for some valentine’s gifts, do checkout this site ya. I think the stuffs there are pretty nice and unique. Instead getting the usual stuffs from the usual shop, why not try something different and get something from overseas for you loved one? hehe.. ok, i know i sound like i’m promoting the shop. But i really find the accessories there cute!~

Stickmind - Annoying Stares
And i hate the foreign talents here staring at girls/women/females
like they haven’t have sex in a million years! -_-*


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