Choices ~

We can’t change the way people think or feel. But we can change the way we feel, think and react. Now, i’m not suggesting the “think happy thoughts” or “think positive” stuffs. I was diagnosed with clinical depression about 3yrs ago and honestly i find those “advice” annoying. Why? Because I’d only give people those kind of advice when i can’t be bothered to think of a better solution. Thinking happy thoughts does not help solve a problem. Instead it makes you procrastinate solving whatever that is making you unhappy.

Stickmind - Listen to Advice?

So i feel it’s always best to know yourself, and try solve your own problem first, before seeking help. Know what makes you tick. What makes you angry, what makes you sad. That way, you can avoid being a masochist. I’ve seen so many people complaining about hating their job, or hating somebody’s attitude, or annoyed about something trivial. I think sometimes, these can be avoided or at least dampened.

For example, if you hate your job so much, think how can you be happier at work. You can have a proper talk with your superior to help improve your work environment/people or start sending out resumes to other companies where you think you’d be better off. I’m not saying you should leave immediately, but instead of procrastinating and b**ching about your job day in day out, why not just do something about it and end your suffering? And if wiseman goes, “a rolling stone gathers no moss“, just tell them “who needs mosses these days~“. Wouldn’t you rather be earning money happily elsewhere than stay and gather moss… and risk job burnout & high blood pressure etc?

How about dealing annoying yakking/nagging parent(s)? You can choose to continue let them annoy you and suffer. Or u can choose to end your suffering, and believe it or not, there’s always a way to end it, if not muffle it~ For example, someone annoys me like hell by yakking non-stop. What can i do? i can continue suffering by tuning in to and listen to all her yakking. Or i can remove the irritant by ignoring her.

Now, people tend to advice me, “just ignore her lah“. Allow me to touch up on that advice. Ignore her, do something that will distract you, e.g. play neopets/facebook, listen to music or watch anime. If that’s going to get you into deeper trouble, then avoid it of course. Maybe you can act like you listening to her but instead in your mind, laugh at that pathetic unhappy person yakking all day long~ Then when the irritant is out of hearing range, let out your anger, healthily.

So before you blame someone or something for your miserable life, think again, are you not to be blamed at all for clinging onto it? Is there really no alternatives? If you’ve been feeling moody/unhappy/angsty/upset/etc for more than 3-5 days, do checkout this website. And if you think you might have depression, visit the doctor to check. People tend to think nothing of their bout of moodiness. Well, to each his/her own. You can keep telling yourself you’re ok and hang onto your problem~ It’s your life. 😉


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