PaTH Arts Market~

Just came back from a short trip to PaTH Arts Market (P.A.M). Had a short sml talk with one of the friendly stall owner. She sell some very cute magnets, all hand-drawn and baked to perfection. Though it’s kinda expensive, i can’t help but get one item for my friend’s birthday.

I also got a poster for my friend from another shop. Kinda like his drawings, and guess what, he supposedly had bipolar before~ Aah~ Suddenly i feel like, i not that alone. There’s someone similar-ish to me~ wow.. Now i really hope to have my own stall there. Alas, i don’t have the prints to sell yet. But i’m glad that i made the trip. Kinda encouraging~

I also saw one very familiar looking old guy with long hair & beard.. Think i saw him on tv b4? OO” I avoided going near him~ Stall owners there pay 20% of their sales earning for rental, sorta. And they don’t really get their earnings at the end of the day. P.A.M is open on every 1st and last weekends of the month, meaning their stalls are only open for 4 days a month. If me, i’d make it in a way all these arts market open on every weekends. i believe it can improve a lil at least. There’s too little exposure for them. I tried asking people about them, and most asked if i was refering to the red dot musuem instead.

Think i’ll pop over to the red dot musuem next month eh? Hope the people there are as friendly~ Meanwhile, hope i can find back that missing “mood”~ can’t wait for monday to come~ -_-“


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