What are my plans, really?

A friend of mine asked me this question, so i tot.. hmm.. i might as well blog it down ne? So what are my plans for next year? Let’s see~

Oct – Dec => Brush up on drawing skills traditionally

Jan – Mar => Start digital drawing
Checkout comgraph 2008?

Mar – Jun => To have a paypal account
To have a logo and simple website maybe? omg~ @_@
More networking~

Jun – Dec => I supposed by then i should start finding some freelance projs~
That or i’ll busy myself creating stock illustrations~ lolz

Ultimately what do i want? I just wanna be happy and do what i want to do and live My life, My way. One day, by 2009 latest, i wanna try sell prints at PaTH (Pop and Talent Hub) Arts Market. I just wanna earn enuff for my simple meals and medical bills. I know medicine is not cheap these days. I also know money is never enough. But i am not interested in earning money what most people deem the normal/easy way~ I am not interested in working under people. I have had enough. I don’t mind designing or creating an artwork for stupid or ignorant or watever client tho~ It’s normal and we shouldn’t really blame them for being so. It’s thanks to that that they hire us, don’t u think?

i plan to earn money, what people will call the HARD way. Yea~ i wanna be an “artist”~ ROFL~ Now, i know i am no-where as compared to many. Which is why i refuse to waste anymore time working for people.

Ever since yr3 in poly, i’ve been wanting to have my own identity, my own t-shirt designs, sorta~ Yet when i graduate, i hurriedly accepted the first job i got JUST because people expects me to get a job asap. So rather than persisting on getting some graphics or print related job, i landed myself into web design. Oh well, at least i learnt quite a bit, from actionscripting, to digital & print designing to proj/time management to people management~

I’m already so old, yet nowhere near as good as some younger graphic artist. So i am not wasting anymore time doing what people expects out of me anymore. It’s stupid and pathetic and i’ve had enough, thank you~ I already have my plans for next year, which i think is pretty difficult tho realistic enough for me. So instead of asking me to do something which i don’t like to, why not support me or just shut it eh~ 😉


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