Hi! How’re you?

i guess we all get this question pretty often eh? Many a times, “how’re you” is just a passing question to get the other party started talking. Afterwhich you’ll finally get to the point as to why or what you want. Be it to ask for a favor, or to tell the person something or whatever. You don’t really care how’s the person. You just want to get your point across. So why not just go ahead, straight to the point?

Now, i just wanna write on how am i doing. Honestly, i dun believe any of you out there are truly concern. I guess you’re just interested in measuring me up eh? It’s nice once in awhile to learn that someone out there is perhaps less successful then u~ But what is success? What kind of life is a success, what kind of life is a failure? If you’re publicly successful but personally a failure, are you still considered successful? I’ll talk about this in another entry~

For a start, i am not interested in trying to be normal anymore. Trying to be normal made me sick. So what some of the norms i’m refering to?

  1. One must work in an office and have stable monthly income & CPF
  2. Without CPF, you’re DOOM
  3. Artist can’t make a living in sg
  4. Artist must be an art school graduate
  5. You need your close friends and family for support & love
  6. A designer’s life is supposed to be all packed & busy

I dunno if there’s any other norms of which singaporeans must live by, but the following is how i’ve been living my life since Oct this year.

  1. Wake up
  2. Make my bed, sweep the floor, exercise
  3. Bath
  4. Make my brunch
  5. Eat while watching cartoon
  6. Fix the laundry, hang out or bring ’em in
  7. Practice drawing (or play neopets & facebook if no mood)
  8. Help my mum unpack when she gets home
  9. Watch tv and have dinner with her
  10. Continue drawing or surfing if my bro’s not playing rainbow6
  11. Sleep

I guess some of you must be thinking, damn, this girl must be filthy rich to not be working and do nothing all day. Or, damn, wat a useless person, i pity her family etc. Well, fyi…

I don’t think i’m doing nothing all day, i think i do more things in 1 day at home than i do working as a designer. Where the routine is wake up, go work, burn brain, come home dinner and sleep.

I’ll admit i am not earning a single cent the last 3 months, but i don’t depend on my family to feed me. i live on my savings. Money i saved from working for abt 3yrs. And i don’t intend to not-earn-money forever. Savings don’t last forever, i need to top them up to buy sushi. ^_^”

As for lack of CPF, well, i don’t intend to buy houses. i won’t need to buy houses if i don’t plan to ever marry, do i. If you’re thinking, “syeah rite~ everyone gets married eventually. you can’t stay single forever. you’ll need someone when u’re old” etc. Those are your point of view. i’ll give my pov on this in another entry. Also, if i’m not wrong.. Taxi drivers don’t have cpf. Freelancers too don’t have one. They’re still alive aren’t they. I don’t mind replacing cpf with a fix deposit account instead. I don’t see much difference.

“Most design firms hire only paper-qualified designers”. Well, i never said i intend to work in a design firm now did i? If i ever take on another job, it’d be merely to earn back money spent.

As for needing close friends and family love, i think i am fine with having some online friends and a not supportive yet not objecting family.

A designer’s life is all pack and busy, always on the go yadda yadda~ Hmm~ i remember someone commented during my 2nd yr in the design industry, “You’re an artist. Not a designer.” I am just living my life, my way. And i don’t need anybody’s approval. I’d rather just live my life my way instead of struggling everyday to live up to the norm or society’s standards. Most importantly, i want to live everyday as happily as possible and i don’t want to leave this world only to realise that all i do all day is just to live up to the expectations of “friends” and “families”.

In the end, who are they to tell me how to live my life? It’s my life. I’m the one who have to live through it. Not my friends, not my family, not any strangers.


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